Mission Statement 

Our Teams are focused always on what they do best and make no compromises in pursuit of excellence.  

Saccade Capital rewards its people fairly, based on individual and team contributions.

Our Values are demonstrated by who is promoted and rewarded versus who is let go or demoted. Anything else is just a writing on the wall.

Equal Opportunity Employment


Employment decisions are made solely on a merit basis. Saccade Capital promotes equal opportunity to all its employees who, independently of title or position, must follow the company's policy of non-discrimination.

Graduate Technologists - Hong Kong & Singapore

C++, Python and Java and JavaScript Developers

The successful candidate will take part on developing brand new and tuning existing trading platforms. From connectivity to Exchanges and other platforms, passing through core Strategies and Risk Management layers, the product of the job done today is visible immediately and has a real effect at the Firm's bottom line.

Core Strategy/Exchange Connectivity Developer

We seek for a full-time basis Core Algo/Exchange Connectivity Developer in Hong Kong.

The role has an extensive reach and must have a self-motivated individual with excellent critical thinking and risk based approach over operational and market risks. 

Role attributes:

- Develop, test and deploy core strategy codes.

- Review/upgrade/develop existing connectivity solutions;

- Develop new exchange market data and order adaptors for HFT systems;

- Develop, test and deploy market connectivity codes.


- C++ or Python;

- STL/Boost libraries;

- Linux systems tuning;

- Experience with financial protocols such as FIX/OMD/OCG;

- Solid understanding of concurrency & network programming;

- Unit testing/automated systems testing;

- Optimization for modern Intel architecture;

- Previous experience in developing exchange connectivity;

- Low latency design experience;

- HFT systems direct experience;

- Performance tuning and analysis;

- Knowledge of cash and derivative exchange platforms;

- C++ (14/17) is a plus;

- Network acceleration (Chelsio, WireDirect, Mellanox VMA) is a plus;

- Numerical computation libraries in C++/Java is a plus;

- Previous experience in Market Making Systems employing HFT strategies is a plus;